Kathi Valeii

Kathi is a freelance journalist, essayist, and content writer based in Southwest Michigan. She writes about education, politics, health, parenting, and some things in between. You can find her work in the New York Times, Pacific Standard, Vice, GOOD, AlterNet, and lots of other places. When she's not writing, she's probably wandering around the woods, shoving her hands in the dirt, or putting her feet a little too close to the fire.


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Work with Kathi

Kathi has been working, professionally, writing content and managing social media platforms since 2011. She learned the ropes via immersion, when her blog and the blog’s social media presence exploded in popularity.

Since that time, she has taken on management of accounts from various fields with success. As a writer, Kathi knows how to target communication to an audience, create captivating and shareable content, interact with social media users, and analyze her results.

Have a project you’d like to discuss? Email kathivaleii at gmail dot com