Kathi Valeii

Hi there, my name is Kathi (she/her) and I am a freelance journalist, essayist, and content writer based in Southwest Michigan. I write about gender and identity, education, politics, health, parenting, justice issues, and some things in between.

My work has appeared in Rolling Stone, ESPN, the New York Times, Pacific Standard, The Outline, Vice, AlterNet, and lots of other places. In 2018, my reporting for Pacific Standard on driver's education was featured on NPR's Marketplace.

When I'm not writing, you might find me wandering around the woods, shoving my hands in the dirt, playing or watching Ultimate Frisbee, or putting my feet a little too close to the fire - literally, I'm cold.


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Work with Kathi

Assign me: If you're looking for someone to cover gender and identity, reproductive justice, politics, education, health, parenting, and justice-related topics, I'm available for hire.

Consult with me: I also offer consultation to writers at an hourly rate. If you're looking for help with pitching, ideas of where to pitch, rate negotiations, feedback on a not-yet-submitted piece of writing, reporting tips and tricks, or something along those lines, send me an email!

Hire me: I consider content writing clients on a limited basis, depending on my schedule. I've written content for lawyers, physicians, musicians, social justice organizations, sports organizations, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Commission me at kathivaleii at gmail dot com