Kathi Valeii

As a freelance writer, Kathi writes essays, poetry, and reported pieces about gender, parenting, and justice-related issues. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, VICE, The Development Set, The Establishment, and more. She is a regular features writer for Southwest Michigan Second Wave Media.

Her content and social media management clients have included human rights organizations, musicians, and law professionals.

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Work with Kathi

Kathi has been working, professionally, writing content and managing social media platforms since 2011. She learned the ropes via immersion, when her blog and the blog’s social media presence exploded in popularity.

Since that time, she has taken on management of accounts from various fields with success. As a writer, Kathi knows how to target communication to an audience, create captivating and shareable content, interact with social media users, and analyze her results.

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